Where to buy

Where can I buy Kleen King?

You can purchase Kleen King online at store.faultlessbrands.com!

Can I buy/ship Kleen King internationally?

At this time we are unable to ship internationally, we recommend looking for resellers on Amazon that have the ability to do so.

Technical and Safety

Where are Kleen King products made?

All Kleen King products are made within the Domestic US.

What ingredients are used in Kleen King products?

Visit our individual product pages for all ingredient details.

Does King Kleen expire?

Optimum results if used within 5 years of the ‘made on’ date.

How should I store Kleen King?

Kleen King products should be stored in a cool, dry place. Keep out of extreme temperatures or moisture, to keep liquids from freezing.

Are the containers recyclable?

All Kleen King containers are recyclable.

Do these products require hazardous disposal?

All Kleen King products do not require hazardous disposal.

Where can I find a Safety Data Sheet?

You can visit our SDS library for more information.

Other Questions

How can I get help with an online order?

Our Ecommerce specialist is happy to help, you can reach them directly at : help@osgsupport.com or by calling (816) 842-1230.

How can I become a Kleen King retailer?

Domestic US?
Contact us here
Contact us here

How do I contact you if my question is not answered here?

Please send your questions to info@faultlessbrands.com, Or call us at (816) 842-1230.